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Trashy Tidbits

Sep 5, 2008 Author: Susy H. | Filed under: Gossip
  1. Amy Wino needs a supply of 48 bottles of Jack Daniels for a mere two days. INO
  2. Britney Spears will be performing at the MTV Music Awards. (Video clip of Brit rehearsing). PH.
  3. Brit’s Mom shares all… Britney Spears Drinking at 13 and drugs at 15. INO. 
  4. Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice said goodbye to Rock and Republic and is now spicing up the fashion world with a new clothing line. PH.
  5. Maria Buccellati is now designing cute jeans and cashmere sweaters for Rock and Republic.
  6. Lauren Conrad’s Fall 2008 line is chic. Kinda feminine, kinda- cigarette pant era, kinda bold. 
  7. Unemployment climbs to a 5 year high, 6.1%. Up from 5.7% in JULY.
  8. Cindy McCain spent $300,000 on this outfit. If I had that kind of loot, this is not the shirtdress I would buy. PH.
  9. Sarah Palin is quite the looker not a hooker. PH.
  10. U.S. home prices are down 20%, could potentially be worse than the Great Depression. Housing, credit and financial problems, oh my!
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Finding the Needle in Amy Winehouse’s Hair

Sep 5, 2008 Author: Susy H. | Filed under: Gossip, Ramblings

I think it is amazing when two people can actually find each other and marry.

Amy Winehouse & Hubby Blake









 I’m sure a few of you are saying, “Why would you even say that!?!”

Uhh, are you serious?

crackheads find love

in lurve




(How are you going to explain how they found each other? Really, what are the chances?)






 In general, as I am getting a little bit older,

  1. I think it is getting progressively harder to meet people. My interests have changed and now (I think) I know what I am looking for as well as what I am not looking for.
  2. As I slowly piece together my “Holy Grail Prince Charming” the dating pool shrinks mostly because most guys are now: in relationships, married, or they bat for the wrong team.
  3. I don’t know how to pitch a tent.. *Think baseball not camping*. I dunno how to pitch a bat?
  4. Not only do you have to find a man that is unattached. Does he meet your “quick and superficial” checklist: car, career/ job, good family background, live with the parents/ apt/ home, savings, A GREEN CARD? a green card? A green card? (You, get my drift). 
  5. Geebuz, can this get any harder?
  6. Oh yes, you gotta love him, and he too, has to love you.
  7. Ok, so after love is reciprocated.
  8. Can two support each other’s silly dreams? Is that special person also your muse?
  9. Are you two happy? Do you smile so much it freaking hurts? Do you guys talk about everything and anything? Does he make your heart beat faster and slower at the same time? 
  10. Do you have enough common interests to be each other’s bfFTil the end?
  11. (Life is too short/ or too long, depending on how you look at it). To be with the wrong person..
  12. If he is the One, congratulations! (Please, post a How – To, gracias!)
  13. After that comes the deep and intense stuff. Things that can either make or break life.
  14. Do you guys get along emotionally, spritually, mentally, and physically?
  15. (Does their medical report check out?  401 K? IRA? What about their credit score? Resume?)
  16. After all that looking for a needle in the haystack. Do you guys have similar life goals: career and or family life? Can you compromise on how you two will be raising your children? Can the two of you compromise on where to plant you home together? Country? State? City?
  17. (OMG… This sounded way shorter in my head.)
  18. Have you guys established gender roles? Who will be the caregiver? Who will provide for the family?
  19. Talk about screwed…

must find needle




Ok, fine… If Amy can find a needle…

Maybe, they aren’t so hard to find.

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