A good guy friend of mine recently pointed out to me that rich guys get all the girls… After much speculating and guestimating his theory it suddenly dawned on me that I have already heard this story, in the form of a lecture in college. Quid pro quo, “a more-or-less equal exchange or substitution of goods or services, aka tit for tat”… No pun intended.

In the workplace sexual harassment in the form of quid pro quo is highly unethical, a form of bribery and or blackmail. “Unwarranted advancements in the workplace are offered in return for sexual favors. Or deserved advancement, or simple continuation in service, contingent on sexual receptivity”.

“The term quid pro quo denotes such an exchange”.

However in the dating arena “it remains common and lawful to use gifts, expensive meals and so on, as a means of attracting a sexual partner”. (Wikipedia).

Could this be?!?

When did quid pro quo leak into our dating lives in the form of “status quid pro quo”? Dating the rich guy in hopes of elevated status? Is quid pro quo and status quid pro quo, two parallels on polar sides of the spectrum? Is it ever appropriate for these kinds of exchanges?

Money, he stated is a form of security that females gravitate towards.

Maybe Samantha on SATC got it on the head, “It is simply an exchange of power.”

Ahh, superficial natural selection in all of its glory.

If you are getting sexually harassed in the workplace and you want it to stop. Please contact the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) for more information… For those that are just dating, no such agency exists to help.

Happy dating!

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