Jason Mraz,

You caused a big hot mess. My best friend and I went to your concert last Saturday… And we simultaneously and instantaneously fell in love with you the moment you opened your mouth and tickled both our fancies with your words.

You can swirl your body, hotter than any coffee stir stick could in a cup of brew.

I think I need you.

You aren’t much to look at since you kind of resemble a stick figure,…

..literally and figuratively. No offense, but you are lanky.

You are funny in a geeky kind of way. Geeks are the new chic. Want to come over and shimmy?

You are also humble and respectful. And you are willing to share the spotlight with those who have helped you on your journey.

Spoken words, poetry turned into songs seem to be your specialty. You amaze me. You truly are talented. There are no debates, you are a lyrical master.

May I be your puppet?

I think I like you better live, wanna come over and jive?

You can multi task and your fingers are fast… enough to rock out on a guitar.

You are open minded yet strong enough to voice your head and heart. When you sing, I believe I can see your soul, oh that sounded stalkeresque please ignore.

You are neither pretentious nor rude.

I would sit in the rain just so I could get a glimpse of your face. (And, yes there were some sprinkles).

Jason… I fell in love during this song at your concert last Saturday at the Greek in LA.

Courtesy of wingyie @ youtube.com 

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