A reason, I enjoy tapas. I don’t have to commit to one dish.

I probably enjoy multiple dishes because I have a case of “coveting my neighbor’s plate”. Yup, the typical wandering eyes. I ogle that dish from its grand entrance to its gracious descent onto the table, the table across the room. I have a confession, I want fork my neighbor’s entree.

Hi! I’m one of “those” people.

The tuna tartare was a solid choice. The dish reminded me of Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood, good clean fun that everyone at the table could enjoy. Good old reliable Mr. Rogers. The taro chips also complimented the dish very well.

We compromised on a half meat and half cheese plate. The salami and all of the cheese were absolutely divine. Our sommelier was amazing. He was a bit kinky in that exotic way but he was very knowledgeable and worldly. He straight told me the cheese is neither sheep nor goat, it’s a cow cheese that has been wrapped in hay and cultivated in a cave. Snazzy.

The steak tartare was by far my favorite. Tasca aptly named this “Steak and Eggs” because there is a quail egg on top. Surrounding the steak were truffle flakes. Steak tartare also came with french fries and anything that comes with french fries is bound to be delicious. Just how my favorite fruit is a cheeseburger.

Another outstanding choice was shrimp and garlic.

The last course we had was the lamb shank with the polenta was decent, the lamb was tender and fell right off the bone. But I won’t be ordering this the next time around I’m going for the gold, the steak tartare.

Tasca- 8108 W. 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048. (323) 951-9898

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