Man, that is a lame title. I am seriously running out of steam, sigh.

Anyhooz, I was lucky enough to make it out to Katana last week. Albeit I was about 20 minutes late and had to put on lip liner whilst driving. Luckily for me I know where my lips are, but I could have looked like a clown. Did I mention I got carded? Oh yeah!

Between dining at Sushi Roku or Katana, we opted for Katana. Katana is raw, rough, and sexy. The decor involves a lot of: metalwork, rough stones, candles, and dark corners. Rawr, Katana’s decor is raw, just like some of their dishes.

Katana also offers an appetite stimulus dinner for a pretty nominal fee (I want to say $28 for a three course). However, since my ADD prevents me from remembering the important things in life, please call Katana for more information. You can call me, but I charge $2.50 for the first minute and 99 cents per additional minute, (but don’t expect me pick up in a sexy voice).

We started the night off with Grey Goose Cranberry, and that is all for me. After all hand models don’t eat, can’t have fat knuckles.

Who am I kidding, I enjoyed the thinly sliced yellowtail with mild peppers, bell peppers, green onions and ponzu sauce.

The filet mignon wrapped asparagus and foie gras was quite lovely. The foie gras and filet mignon almost melted in my mouth; the asparagus didn’t melt in my mouth, so chew before you swallow. You don’t want to tip the waiter extra for performing the heimlich on you.

The Katana roll, is a spicy tuna and shrimp tempura roll with tuna and yellowtail on top of the roll, with a dot of spicy mayo and chives. This was actually quite large and in charge but it didn’t quench my taste for sushi.

BoogaWooga! Hahahahahaha. When the waitress brought this out all she looked so proud and I, well I looked freaked out. Look at it. Scariest looking fish I have ever seen, but absolutely tasty. The chilean sea bass that we ordered was enough for two dinner entrees, and can be shared family style (if you order more dishes).

The jalapenos provided a pretty potent kick to the fish and the fish was spicier than I had anticipated. There were numerous slices of jalapenos found amongst the recesses of the scored fish. The skin was intact and crispy and the meat was moist.

Another picture, since you can practically see the fish’s 2 o’clock shadow and because most people can’t help but stop and stare at accidents. Damn rubberneckers! Yeah, people at the restaurant were rubbernecking when they saw the waitress carry this out. The sea bass was a special for that night.

I heart a chocolate souffle finale. Blame it on my rubberneck and my damn wandering eyes, wandered right to our next door table and I had to have it. If I don’t fit into a size 4, I don’t have anyone to blame but this adorable heart shaped souffle. Maybe, just maybe after my knuckle waxing appointment, people won’t notice that I am no longer a size 4.

Katana- 8439 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069. (323) 650-8585

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