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How random is 30% off and free rhinestone headsets.

If you were planning on spending some loot at Mango, this is for you.

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Ever since Christian Audigier came out with t shirts that make the owner look more tatted than Jenna just by donning a piece of cloth… Everyone and their mama’s started sporting these crazy patterned t shirts.

Including, everyone at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Zwiener. Really people, overkill on the Ed Hardy tattoos. Interestingly enough, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse clientele also looked like porn stars or wrestlers. The men were chiseled with very tight shirts. So tight that if I grabbed a bit of their shirts and let go the snap back of the cloth would leave a bruise. Did I mention the women? All the women had long flowy blond locks reminiscent of Posh’s pre- bob days. And all these porn star/ wrestler looking couples had children with them. Odd.

Lucite heels with rhinestones paired with Chanel. Blonde bleach job gone platinum. Juicy Couture purse charms and Ed Hardy. Christian Louboutin peep toes with crystal bangles up to the elbow. Generally speaking, I saw lots of bling and lots of blonde.

Continuing on to the food portion of the evening.

We started out meal with a caesar salad that was drenched with dressing. This should have been a precursor to what I should have expected. Lots of cream and sauces for the rest of the night. If you don’t want a creamy night ask for sauces and dressings on the side.

The filet mignon was decent (way better than what I had at Nick and Stef’s) but small. Ok, I take that back the steak was the size of my fist, which is coincidentally the amount of protein one should consume. But a fistful of meat just isn’t enough for me. I better get back on Weight Watchers so I too could look like Jenna.

However, the side dishes came in generous portions. We each got to chose one side dish that we were able to family style (share). Clockwise: hollandaise sauce, cream spinach, scalloped potatoes and mashed potatoes (not pictured).

The desserts were nothing to rave home about. I felt as if the desserts lacked a certain finesse, no measured resistance of any kind with the sifter or with spooning the whipped cream.

Ice cream sundae was also heavy on the cream and light on the ice cream. Honestly, overkill on the whipped cream.

All in all it was a pretty decent three course Dine LA meal.

Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener- 445 North Canon Dr. Beverly Hills, CA. 310.385.0640
Wolfgang's Steakhouse By Wolfgang Zwiener on Urbanspoon

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