Have you ever met someone you could talk to? Like really talk to. Conversing to the point where there is parity and rhythm. The kind of conversation that flows like water streaming into a pot? What about the kind of conversation that bubbles, pops and sparks effortlessly effervescent like boiling soon tofu?

E.T., here’s a quarter, phone home cause I had this kind of connection this past Friday.

After many years, I happened to be at the right intersection (Wilshire and Vermont) and made a connection with a love that was once very familiar to me. After this one night encounter, I began to question myself as to, why had I stayed away for so long? Why stay away when it tastes and feels so right.

I am blushing as I type this but thinking about: the heat, the steam, and the spices that make the intoxicating and heady aroma of spicy tofu stew (aka soon tofu). I cannot help but feel a little flushed after my date with So Kong Dong’s tofu.

The soon tofu was placed in front of me, boiling hot complete with effervescent bubbles. My soup was still boiling, even after I cracked my egg into my stone pot.

Impressive. I can appreciate a hearty soup that gets my egg hard.

The banchans (side dishes) were plentiful making me think that So Kong Dong is the only soon tofu place that hasn’t been affected by the recession (they still have a variety of different types of banchans).

Roll call starting from far left to right: marinated bean sprouts, cucumber kimchi, spicy raw crab, water kimchi, kimchi and marinated fish cake. Crab was so good I wanted it to pinch me senseless.

I had a good time on Friday, maybe we could do it again? How is Sunday?

Definitely, for dinner on Sunday.

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