Is Japanese Nail Art a product of one being desensitized from plain ol’ one color polish?

The Japanese have started a trend that REALLY takes it up a notch. A vibrant notch.

Don’t get me wrong I am not bashing the pioneers of this art form. Have you ever tried painting your dominate hand with your non- dominate hand? Not so easy…

Japanese nail art incorporates free hand sculptured 3 D acrylic flowers, nail crystals, and ombre gradations that can be considered remarkable “little” pieces of art. Truth is, Japanese Nail Art is also expensive treatment.

I personally wouldn’t pay top dollar for this kind of treatment…  After all what if the gradations I chose don’t match my future outfits?

In case any of you were looking for a cheaper alternative to Japanese Nail Art, you can try Claire’s accessories or Asian- catered beauty supply stores for some fake press on nails.

Keep it classy, California.

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