Romantic Ways To Propose

You have the girl, you have the ring, and now all that is left is to pop that question. You want to make it special, memorable, and certainly irresistible to say yes. Trying to decide how to arrange the perfect proposal can be hard, but there are some sure-fire tips that can help you come up with the perfect proposal.

A proposal, if nothing else, must be personal. Don’t just do the same thing your college buddy did when he proposed to his wife because it worked for him. This moment should be special and unique to the two of you. That doesn’t mean you can’t get ideas, but make sure that you are planning based on what you know about her, and what you know about your relationship. If your girl is shy and leans towards quiet romance then try thinking of ways you can propose privately. Go on a picnic to a secluded meadow if she likes the outdoors. Prepare a basket with a light meal, and if it is evening, you can even bring along a couple candles to set the mood. If you have a bit more to spend, opt to take her on a trip to Italy or a cruise to Fiji.

If she likes to be the center of attention and wants everyone to know just how she feels, you might want to prepare a more public proposal. Take her to her favorite museum or art gallery and propose among the crowd (and don’t forget to get down on one knee.) Or, if you want to get up early, go for a hot air balloon ride, and high above the countryside ask her if she will be your wife.

There are endless romantic possibilities, but never let the importance of your relationship and the question you are asking to be overshadowed by your anxiety about making the proposal perfect. If she says yes, the moment will always be memorable.

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