Hello Cyber Friends!

I wanted to pop on here to see what it is like from this side of the webpage and boy does it seem complicated! Well, it all started out when my friend (Sir Daniel Sung) insisted I try making a webpage, and being that I have bookmarked sites that I read religiously. I thought, “Hey! I too have things to share!”

Being a woman, I am aware of the numerous roles that we must play. With multiple engagements such as: family, friends, career, significant others, and life in general… I am amazing by our resilience.
Shoot, sometimes I feel like I need 5 hands and 40 hour days to finish everything on my plate and I don’t even have children!

Please stay tuned while we get this show on the road.

“The road of life might be bumpy, but who says we can’t window shop along the way?”
- S. H.

I hope you will find this blog useful or entertaining.

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