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Guest Poem by Rebecca Strecker

Oct 21, 2010 Author: admin | Filed under: Cool

Rebecca Strecker created this nifty poem for these gorgeous pair of earrings. Rebecca is also poet for hire, for proposals, vows, and everything in between. You can find Rebecca’s work at: Http://

What makes sunrise special

are the mystical hues

bringing romantic daydreams

that delight and amuse.

Blushing pink topaz and

orchids of gold

should I smile more demurely?

Will he be more bold?

By wearing these earrings,

my words will be unspoken,

My orchid promises will be

… an unforgettable token.

A sweet gift of love

or given just for fun…

Dazzling pink gemstones that outsparkle the sun…

Rebecca Strecker

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Armani Dolci

Jan 13, 2010 Author: Susy Hwang | Filed under: Cool

Sweet Armani!

Armani has a new line of sweet nothings just for Valentine’s Day. Man, if I told my boyfriend I not only want the Armani coat, but the candy as well…  He would probably laugh.

Armani Dolci available in Jan at the Armani on 5th Avenue in NY.

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Who Says Fashion and Politics Can’t Coincide?

Nov 2, 2009 Author: Susy Hwang | Filed under: Cool, Economics & Politics

Hello, Michelle O. and Glamour interns!

Image via

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Gucci’s Stunna Shade Report – Gucci EyeWeb

Oct 15, 2009 Author: Susy Hwang | Filed under: Cool, Jewelry & Sunglasses

First, fashion bloggers take up the first row at prestigious fashion shows in New York. Twitter becomes the hot spot for up to date news on economics, politics and fashion. Facebook, is a hub of keeping in the know with friends and family.

Now Gucci unveils plans to implement photos of your life in conjunction with haute couture.

Frida Giannini (the Creative Director at Gucci) came up with this stunning (stunna shade) idea, framing your pictures within the frames of Gucci’s new sunglasses. Talk about creative, Frida.

A bit honky dory confusing for people that don’t know how to turn the damn tv computer on.

Not, that I am speaking of myself. Ya know homie’s gotta turn on the computer before blogging.

You’re invited to check out for an exclusive preview of Gucci’s new photo-inspired social networking microsite.

It’s a new party photo destination where you can create your own photo art “reflectively” in the lenses of Frida Giannini’s new “eyeweb” sunglasses and can then share the results with friends. While you upload and share your photos, you change the light, the music and the city you’re playing in.  You can also time-stamp your images and keep a party timeline…And, of course, the new eyewear is available for purchase through a link to

The action starts today and we hope you like it.  So log on.  Reflect.  Connect.

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Japanese Nail Art

Sep 24, 2009 Author: Susy Hwang | Filed under: Beauty & Health, Cool, Gossip

Is Japanese Nail Art a product of one being desensitized from plain ol’ one color polish?

The Japanese have started a trend that REALLY takes it up a notch. A vibrant notch.

Don’t get me wrong I am not bashing the pioneers of this art form. Have you ever tried painting your dominate hand with your non- dominate hand? Not so easy…

Japanese nail art incorporates free hand sculptured 3 D acrylic flowers, nail crystals, and ombre gradations that can be considered remarkable “little” pieces of art. Truth is, Japanese Nail Art is also expensive treatment.

I personally wouldn’t pay top dollar for this kind of treatment…  After all what if the gradations I chose don’t match my future outfits?

In case any of you were looking for a cheaper alternative to Japanese Nail Art, you can try Claire’s accessories or Asian- catered beauty supply stores for some fake press on nails.

Keep it classy, California.

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