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Cupid’s Arrow

Feb 18, 2010 Author: admin | Filed under: How To & Helpful Hints

Romantic Ways To Propose

You have the girl, you have the ring, and now all that is left is to pop that question. You want to make it special, memorable, and certainly irresistible to say yes. Trying to decide how to arrange the perfect proposal can be hard, but there are some sure-fire tips that can help you come up with the perfect proposal.

A proposal, if nothing else, must be personal. Don’t just do the same thing your college buddy did when he proposed to his wife because it worked for him. This moment should be special and unique to the two of you. That doesn’t mean you can’t get ideas, but make sure that you are planning based on what you know about her, and what you know about your relationship. If your girl is shy and leans towards quiet romance then try thinking of ways you can propose privately. Go on a picnic to a secluded meadow if she likes the outdoors. Prepare a basket with a light meal, and if it is evening, you can even bring along a couple candles to set the mood. If you have a bit more to spend, opt to take her on a trip to Italy or a cruise to Fiji.

If she likes to be the center of attention and wants everyone to know just how she feels, you might want to prepare a more public proposal. Take her to her favorite museum or art gallery and propose among the crowd (and don’t forget to get down on one knee.) Or, if you want to get up early, go for a hot air balloon ride, and high above the countryside ask her if she will be your wife.

There are endless romantic possibilities, but never let the importance of your relationship and the question you are asking to be overshadowed by your anxiety about making the proposal perfect. If she says yes, the moment will always be memorable.

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In times like this *cough* (the recession) one must be learn to grateful. One should grateful for the 10 fingers and 10 toes that she still has.

And one must be grateful that we still have Mother Earth whom provides us with food to eat, water to drink and air to breathe.

So in celebration of Mother Earth and trying to keep her as young as possible [*cough* (like applying eye cream at the age of 19)].

Sassy is having a giveaway! I will be giving away two eco friendly bags that can be toted as a purse or a shopping bag. How awesome is that!

I think this one is so cute!

“Save The Polar Bears” bag is our original Inconvenient Lifestyle Bag! These Inconvenient Lifestyle series bags include our slogan “It’s Worth the Hassle”. The goal of this particular bag is to portray the Polar Bear “threatened species” situation in a positive manner so that it creates awareness. Therefore, when used, people will say “oh what a wonderful bag!”… You respond, “Did you hear about what is going on with the polar ice caps and polar bears? Their species are diminishing because of global warming.”

“The Classic” implements three colors: black, dark green and light green. “The Classic” morph bag bleeding hearts image makes the huge statement: “The Inconvenient Bag written in black and in bold lettering allowing people to see the name of the bag and think to themselves. “Why is it inconvenient?”. This allows us to say, “The convenient bag is the paper of plastic bag you get at the store. The Inconvenient Bag is the one I bring to the store.”

To celebrate Halloween and to reduce waste of plastic bags, all Inconvenient Bags are half off! Discount is already posted on their site.

Can we say Whoop Whoop to $5 dollar reuseable bags?

If you want to win a free bag leave a comment on this post. The first two people to comment will win. Contest will end 10/13/09 at 9pm pacific time.

* This is a giveaway to readers and is a sponsored post*

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Gwyneth Paltrow Cooks?!?

Aug 3, 2009 Author: Susy Hwang | Filed under: How To & Helpful Hints, Taste // Full

Gwynnie’s Recipe for Roasted Chicken and Fingerling Potatoes.

Check out Goop.Com for more recipes and lifestyle tips.

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The LA Times was kind enough to compile a list of all of Southern California’s Farmers Markets…

It is really cool.

You can search by date, location and market name.

Click Here if you want to search for a Farmers Market near you.

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DIY Flower Favor Box – Wedding

Jul 29, 2009 Author: Susy Hwang | Filed under: How To & Helpful Hints

I saw these and I was (this) close to cutting me some craft paper.


{1} Card stock box cut-out. Download the template here and follow the instructions on the template sheet.
{2} Assortment of paper flowers with wired stems in complementary colors, a range of sizes works best, though all should be towards the small end of the spectrum. I found most of the ones used at my local craft store for $1-2 a bunch.
{3} Pen {4} Skeleton leaves, available at craft stores, in the scrapbooking/paper crafting section
{5} Pin {6} Strip of plain white paper, several inches wide
{7} Bone folder {8} Scissors {9} Length of 3/8″ wired ribbon
{10} Glue stick {11} Decorative edge punch


{1} Using a bone folder and ruler score and fold box cut-out (use the printed template as a reference),
{2} Glue tabs to sides starting with the bottom of the box.
{3} If necessary use the bone folder to apply pressure to tabs as the glue adheres and dries.
{4} Gather a small bunch of paper flowers, forming them into a dome-like arrangement. Secure with a small piece of wire (you can trim a piece from one of the stems).
{5} Trim stems to desired length – remember they’ll be inserted into the box, so they should be relatively short depending on what you want to put inside the box. Using wired ribbon, wrap stems to completely conceal them.
{6} Fasten ribbon with pin.
{7} Punch along the edges of the strip of plain white paper, and write desired message or name of recipient down the center.

{8} Fold top flaps of box as shown.{9} Insert bouquet into opening in box, and affix the white paper banner using a glue stick.

Courtesy of the crafty person at


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