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I’ve got skinny arms, so when I saw this watch face…. I fell in lurve.

This one is so classic and clean.

Smaller faces and rectangle shapes work better on thin and skinny arms.

Kind of cool that you can chose different straps as well, depending on what you are in the mood for.

Black alligator paired with the rectangular shaped one.

And classy cool for the circular one.

For customized watches check out Michele Watches.

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So, who is that hot Asian guy in X-Men? That my friends, is Daniel Henney. Why do I feel as if this is groundbreaking news as I am shoving a double chocolate chip muffin in my mouth!?!

Uh hello? Just look at him.

I first saw Daniel Henney in a Bean Pole advertisement with Gwyneth Paltrow, and I am glad he was able to snag a part in X-Men. It is quite refreshing to have a new Korean American Actor (well hapa) whom was able to hit the mainstream circuit (other than John Cho). And, why do they always typecast Asians to be super nerdy or heinously bad? *Cough* Henney was cast as the quintessential “Bad Asian” guy in X-Men.

In the mean time, while we work on breaking typecasting borders, let’s gawk.

YouTube Video courtesy of lynaqt

Daniel Phillip Henney (born November 28, 1979, Korean: 다니엘 헤니) is an American expatriate actor in South Korea.

His father is British and his mother is a Korean-American adoptee. Henney debuted as a model in several Korean and foreign ads. He most famously co-starred in the Korean hit drama, My Name is Kim Sam Soon. A recent article in the L.A. Times on Henney reflects the western film industry’s interest in him, and landed his first role in a Western film as David North (Agent Zero) in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

- Says, Wise Wikipedia.Org

Another gawk for the road, courtesy of flowkery

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Timeless, Classic, Pearls, and Butter Knife

Apr 4, 2009 Author: Susy Hwang | Filed under: Classy, Lust List

Timeless Michelle Obama dons a Michael Kors shift dress with double stranded pearls for her official portrait. Pearls are classic, (they are also my birthstone).

And last night I made my mom a double stranded pearl necklace using 8mm pearls. No kidding, I had planned on making my mom a double stranded pearl necklace weeks ago.

I also made myself one… Tee Hee.

Pearls are fabulous l but I kind of dig this concept.

Butter Knife necklace… I would never have to wait for another place setting again.

This is where food meets fashion.

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Everyone Needs a Little Black Dress

Nov 26, 2008 Author: Susy Hwang | Filed under: Lust List, What To Wear

I just took a peep at Diane Von Furstenberg’s 2009 Resort Collection and I fell in love with this dress.

Uber feminine, flowy, and gorgeous!

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David Beckham, I Like It When You Bend It Like That!

Oct 31, 2008 Author: Susy Hwang | Filed under: Lust List, Ramblings


Covers mouth and *giggles*.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


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